Discover the pleasures of cooking and share the experience of making and enjoying delicious food with and for your loved ones. 
Are you looking for new ways to create simple, quick, easy and delicious meals at home?
Are you tired of eating out so often?
Do you want to know how to cook French dishes?
Let me help you be your own chef in your kitchen !

I live and work in Houston, Texas but I can organize some online sessions.

"Cooking is my Everest! 
I find cooking too complicated, lengthy and overwhelming! I need some help to learn."
"I 'd like to learn how to make a traditional French meal." 
"I know how to cook but I don't have much time or creativity. I'd love to have some new ideas for making tasty meals for my large family."
"I desperately need some new recipes. I feel like I'm always making the same dishes and my family and I are tired of it!"
"I don't like spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I'd like some ideas and recipes that I can cook in advance that will save me time during busy week nights."

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