As a Parisian mother of two beautiful kids, I felt that my life was a bit hectic when I returned to work after my second child was born.


Still breastfeeding my young son, working a full-time job in a big corporation, taking care of the kids and the house alone when my husband was on business trip (already feeling that I had not enough time to take care of myself), at the end of the day, I was still left feeling that nothing was being done well…


I realized that I needed some organization, especially for meal preparation, as I always want to be food-conscious (especially aware of what's on my kids' plate!) and to eat healthy.


When you have very little time to prepare a meal, you have to target the essentials! 


It took me months to get the right organization between working full-time, shopping for groceries, cooking meals and making time for my family. But I got it down to a system that works and now I want to share that system with you. We left Paris a few months ago for Houston and now I have time to share my recipes with you: recipes for cooking, recipes for organizing your daily life so you have time for yourself.


When everything in your life is running smoothly, you feel happy, competent and ready to handle all the challenges of daily life. I can help you achieve that balance where you have time for the things that really matter. 

Are you ready to make some changes? Send me an email or give me a call!

My husband, my kids & bracelets

Breathing in wide open spaces

Listening to loud music in my car

Eating & drinking (Yes I'm French!)

Trekking into mountains & desert

Yoga & skiing 



Oysters & snails ( I know I'm French ....)

Trash in the environment

Food & water waste


Raw meat

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