Frequently Asked Questions

> Is it possible to have a mix of the different session? 

Absolutely, if you feel that you need a different session program, I can work on a specialized program for you.


> What are some examples of “typical French dishes” that you can teach me to cook?

Some typical French dishes I can teach you to cook are quiche, filet mignon, fish in papilotte, goat cheese tartine, tomato & carrot soup, gratin dauphinois, ratatouille, lemon pie, apple cake, chocolate mousse.


> I can’t afford to purchase any new pans or utensils…can I use the items I have to prepare
French cuisine?

Sure! I will show you that with just a few utensils we can do a lot.


> Besides a list of staples, what resources are included with your session fee?

I will give you printed recipes and written descriptions of how to perform the cooking techniques in
case you forget.



> We are a vegetarian/vegan family. Will your recipes work for us?

Of course, I will adapt my recipes according to your food diet.


> My children do not enjoy salads or vegetables. What kinds of ideas can you offer?

I have different recipes for pasta, grains and dried beans that can give fibers. I also have some tips to sneak some veggies and recipes that can help make them like crudites and vegetables.


> What kind of follow-up is included with your session fee? Can I call or email you whenever
I have a question or problem?

I include follow-up in the session fee. Yes you can call me or email me when you have a question or a problem. 


> I don’t enjoy cooking and am not very good at it but would like to improve. Will you still
work with me?

Of course! I would love to show you how it can be easy and simple to cook.

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