What can I do for you?

Depending on the type of session you choose, I’ll come to your home or accompany
you on a shopping expedition to equip you with solutions for you to prepare your own
delicious home-cooked meals.
This package includes three hours of coaching. I’ll come to your home and guide you in designing dinner menus for you based on your food preferences. This includes: 
-> Simple recipes for creating healthy meals (including starter, main dish and dessert);
-> Quick and easy cooking techniques that will save you time;
-> Advice on proportions, balancing nutrients and cooking organization;
-> A list of staple essentials to always have on hand for last-minute meal preparation; 
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Meal Creation Session
one session = 299$
Be your own chef!
Grocery Shopping Session
This package includes a two-hour field trip to local grocery stores (my favorite ones or yours). Let me take you on an exciting expedition to find healthy produce, meats and fish, wines and cheeses, as well as staples you should always have on hand in your kitchen. You'll learn to:

-> Read product labels for ingredients composition;

-> Create your own list of essentials;
 -> Coordinate grocery shopping with meal preparation;
-> Get inspired for new recipes while shopping;
grocery shopping, healthy produce, food, fruits, vegetables, good products
You thought grocery shopping couldn't be fun? 
one session = 199$
Simple French Cooking Session

I am sure you've always wanted to learn some French dishes! Tell me what you want to cook and I’ll come to your house and teach you how to cook it.  This package includes one three-hour session in your home. You’ll learn:

-> The recipes you want (# of recipes depends on preparation time);

-> Basic French cooking terms and techniques (roux, sauté, bain-marie, déglacer, en papillote, gratiner, and more); 


-> Cheese plate and wine pairing ;

one session = 299$
Impress your guests!
Kitchen Organization Session
This package includes one two-hour session in your home.  Do you have a hard time finding things in your kitchen? Are you always looking for the utensil you need or unsure of which whisk, knife, or spoon to use in a recipe? Let me help! I will work side by side with you in your kitchen to maximize space and efficiency. You’ll learn:

-> The five utensils no kitchen should be without;

-> The 20 staple essentials you should always have on hand to create delicious meals in less than 30 minutes; 

-> The four knives you can use to get any job done;
one session = 199$
Organizing is giving life

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